A church where everyone is welcome

CREW focuses on how Scripture addresses relevant life issues for anyone interested or inquisitive in the teaching and following of Jesus Christ. As a missional community, we are ONLY called together to be sent out on His mission by demonstrating the Gospel in ways that currently do not exist in Tucson. Our collective goal is to challenge a generation indifferent to the church and the message of the Gospel. Join us for one of our (4) four First Friday gatherings. We welcome you to the C R E W!  

1st Friday: 1 hour, contemporary style, and revelatory messages that points to the most important relationship a human can experience – One with God! Out of the box Worship service that brings clarity to the work we do for Christ as His CREW while challenging us to (live-out) the message in ways that have not been thought of in the name of Christ here in Tucson.
2nd Sunday: After 10AM Worship Service Life Application of the Word in Cole Fellowship Hall – CREW style. Sr. Pastor Lewis 5 minutes with CREW how the sermon preached relates to what young adults and young professionals goes through. 
5th Sunday Missional Blitz: We pull up as His CREW at places throughout the city to live-out Acts 1:8 while fulfilling the overall mission of our church – A Local Church with A Global Reach.

CREW Servant Leaders

Ashley Clark   ♦   Ashley Hale   ♦   Lauren Gaines   ♦   Micah Mills   ♦   Nita Ocansey

ACTS 1:8 (NIV)