So you want to be a Peer Counselor

What are Peer Counselors?
Support Counselors are not professional mental health workers.  They are men and women who have a passion and calling to share their life experiences and biblical understanding with others.Support Counselors are good listeners, able to help counselees stay on track to reach their goals while offering biblically-based advice.  All Peer Counselors receive ongoing training through classes designed to help them effectively counsel and minister to those in need.

Our Purpose and Goal
Jesus met people at the point of their need.  At Rising Star, we intend to care for people in the same manner as Jesus. The focus is on individuals and families as they pursue a journey to wholeness and freedom by providing a safe place where they can heal and become whole.

What is Peer Counseling?
Peer counseling is a trust-based relationship - between counselor and counselee.  It is short-term care in a safe and confidential environment, designed to help individuals or couples move forward on their journey. It focuses more on the present and finding solutions.

What kind of issues do Peer Counselors address?
There is an almost endless list of presenting issues, including marital, family or parental problems, anxiety or depression, relational, emotional or spiritual struggles, career or life changes, as well as hurts, habits and hang-ups.

What kind of commitment is required?
First, we ask our support counselors to have a heart and a passion for those in need, and a healthy relationship with God. Next, we require any prospective counselors to take a minimum of three core-training classes, as well as participate in ongoing training, so they will have the tools necessary to provide effective counseling. Lastly, peer counseling requires personal time and commitment to others. Therefore, we ask our counselors to meet regularly and consistently with their counselees and supervisor.

Ready to make a difference?
We all have times when we could benefit by someone coming along side us on our journey.  If you have a desire to journey with others through their struggles, we invite you to become a support counselor.
Go online and complete our Peer Counseling Training Application at Once your application has been received, our Peer counseling Coordinator will contact you to let you know about our upcoming training opportunities.