Dr. Veda Kowalski, Peer Counseling Lead

Meeting People at the Point of their Need
Peer counseling is a trust-based relationship between counselor and counselee. It is short-term care in a safe and confidential environment, designed to help individuals or couples move forward on their journey. It focuses more on the present and finding solutions, then on the past and looking for causes.
How do I receive counseling?
We have created an online request form, which asks some basic questions about how we can best assist you.  Once your request has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from our Coordinator within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) along with information about how we will contact you to schedule you with a counselor.

Who is eligible for peer counseling?
Anyone. We all have times when we could benefit by someone coming along side us on our journey. Peer Counselors are trained to counsel those who are struggling in their marriages, families or personal lives.

Who are the Peer Counselors?
Peer Counselors are men and women who have a passion and calling to share their life experiences with others.  While they are not professional mental health workers, they do receive ongoing training in effective ways to counsel and minister.
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