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posted by: Prayer Request on 2/13/2016

Please pray for Joe. Pray for Mr. R for his severe arthritis. Pray for Mrs. C to be healed from cancer. Pray for family salvation, healing, blessings and protection. Please come into agreement with and lift up all the prayers I have ever prayed. THANKS
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God's intervention
posted by: Sue on 2/11/2016

Son: MIRACLES of all protection, provision, healing; godly people to help him; great benefactors to help him with his car and everything else he needs; that the gospel be preached at his program again; healing in his inner man; forgiveness by his family My dog: NO MORE ABUSE TO HIM; THAT THE LORD SHOWS ME WHAT TO DO TO STOP THE ABUSE AT NIGHT My neighbors: to move out quickly, even if force is necessary My landlords: to evict tenants who are dangerous; we have put up with it for 2 years; that they are forced to do so, if they are not willing; that they are willing and they do it quickly so save life and property; that these neighbors move to a place where they must learn to stop the abuse to people and pets Thank you. In Christ.
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various requests
posted by: on 1/19/2016

pray healing for Louis whose is in hospice /cancer. pray salvation and healing for Angela /cancer . pray salvation for her husband Mark. Pray salvation for Ralph. Pray healing and the Lord to make serious the heart of Sharon when it comes to learning the way of God. She is in need of prayer for her very serious heart condition. Pray for Darlene to be saved. Pray salvation /converting of the heart for Brenda, Ellie and Leroy
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posted by: on 1/14/2016

Thank You almighty&merciful father our son& everyone healing & everything for everybody is going so easily, & everyday all is easier, easier easier for everyone than the day before! Thank You this occurs in Your Will & Grace! Thank You! we choose Life & uplift self/others with our right actions & perfect strong solutions developed to resolve the complex .thank you for changing my son mind,thinking,actions. Thank You God, in true gratitude, with good attitude for Your many many blessings for our son & transfer for dad.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Salvation on 1/5/2016

I'm reaching out to the Body of Christ so that a man named Joey would be lifted up in prayer. The Lord has been burdening my heart to intervene on his behalf and I'm asking others to help as well. Please pray on the behalf of his salvation..for his heart to be soften to the word of God and laborers be sent his way. Please pray for him to have spiritual eyes and ears - thank you so very much!
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posted by: Art Kay on 1/5/2016

Please pray for Jeanne's job security. Prayer for sister Regina's job transition and she is caring for her Dad. She needs a miracle. Prayer for the growth of Live Oak and Ecclesia Churches in every way. Prayer for the leadership to be strong and on one accord. Prayer for Ayesha for God's hand of protection to be upon her life as she is getting a divorce. Prayer for Maliks family to be delivered from every obstacle and demonic force. Prayer for Kia to finish school and get a job and apartment. Prayer for Minister Taylors job, for strength to perform the tasks thereof. Prayer for Royce's abundant finances, and housing. Prayer for deliverance, and favor for Royce Jr. Prayer for Chelsea, Alexa and Jiesharae. Prayer for Leakie and his green card issues. Prayer for Rev Judy's knee problems, healing. prayer for Malik's job interview and job search. Prayer for Isaiah for deliverance from drug addictions and a court case coming up soon. Prayer for Deliverance for Lashuanda and Vernon. Prayer for deliverance and favor for Alyce
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Financial needs
posted by: kate foster on 12/18/2015

I am in need of a financial miracle before Jan 1st you are a Miracle God Thank you Jesus for this miracle and your love and forgivenessAmen
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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 12/17/2015

I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen
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spiritual needs
posted by: pearly private on 12/16/2015

Ask God to fill me full of spiritual power and the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to deliver me from every chain, curse, sin and evil spirit and to protect me from them
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posted by: Sue on 10/26/2015

My son: MIRACLES of all healing, protection and provision; godly people to help; that the Lord will lavish grace on him; forgiveness by his family and their help My dog; NO MORE ABUSE NOW REALLY My mother: healing in her back and a return to the Lord Jesus Christ; a born again church to attend and fellowship with My neighbors: to obey the law or to move to where they will get all the help they need My landlords: to do the right things concerning us as they have done in the past My family: salvation in Christ Jesus for everyone in my family Myself: more than enough money to keep up with my apartment, car and dog; even passive money, ie, church helps, government helps, gifts, and a job, if the Lord will it Also, that witchcraft will leave our home quickly, curses, astral projection, that it will leave quickly Thank you. In Christ
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