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posted by: lore on 4/15/2013

Please prayer for my daughter 10 yrs old /children for healing from hiv/aids from being raped. Please pray that the people who hurt her /them will go to jail and god will remove the curse I put on the them so they will have a good life free from abuse and hate and rape and condemnation. Please pray that anything I did to give these people free reign over my children is removed and even if people are praying against us it will not come true. They have had an arid life because I turned away from god and committed the worse sins now people are taking it out on the saying it is because I am a coward that they are being raped and no one has to pay for the crimes. I am being told if god were going to help he would have and this is what it looks like when he does not care about you. Please pray that he will show her that god cares about her as much as the people who hurt her and the people with money and that she is not condemned because of my sins . please pray he will heal and protect and comfort her /them . I have confessed my sins before god and am doing my best to turn from them but people are holding grudges and still hurting my children there are so many and I cant stop it they say turn it over to god and I tried but it still happens I put a curse on us as a child and it seems like he will not forgive it . if you do not mind praying for us would you please do so. thank you
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Gods Favor
posted by: James Box on 3/27/2013

I am asking God to touch the heart of the County Prosecutor to drop the charges that have been made against me for something that I didn't do!!!!
I will pray 39 people are praying.
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